Display your existing products on our marketplace.

If you want more traffic to your existing store/website, import your products to our marketplace and expand your audience.

Display products from: Etsy, Shopify, nuMonday and more!

Register your interest We'll let you know when we're live.

Promote products to your shop followers.

Users can like and follow your products and store.

Your shop and products will be optimised for SEO.

Insert your Google Analytics & FB Pixel tracking.


Nothing! All features you have read about will be free on launch and thereafter. We will introduce additional features and functionality in future which may be available to paid users only, however, displaying your existing products on Influx will remain free.

We're currently looking for beta testers to who wish to try out the service prior to launch. In the meantime, we ask that you register your interest by filling in the form below. We'll be contacting people soon to provide access so you can begin testing Influx.

There will be multiple ways to add products to your store on Influx:

CSV file

If you have a CSV file of your products, you can upload them to your Influx store in bulk to save time. This can be created manually, or usually an option provided by existing marketplaces under 'Export Products'.

Manual / URL

We've built a tool which will automatically extract key pieces of product data from a URL you provide. This helps copy across all the basic info needed to list your product(s), such as: Name, Description, Price, Image(s).

Further details will be provided regarding the import process when the website is live!

Yes. This is exactly what Influx is for. Most marketplaces will only let you display your products if you also sell through them. We don't mind if you'd prefer to keep your Etsy, Shopify, NuMonday (or others), and simply use Influx as an additional source of traffic.

The products displayed on your store is 100% in your control, you can add or remove as you wish. Remember, we're allowing you the chance to display these products on Influx, in addition to your existing website/store.

With tools such as the 'Follow' feature, you can build up a following which can be promoted to by you. We will not promote directly to your following, your stores followers remain yours!